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News from the Winery December 2011… As the warmer weather approaches, we are beginning to bottle some of our 2011 whites. We have already bottled the Moscato, which looks very good, as well as the 2011 Chardonnay. These two wines both did very well at the recent Royal Adelaide Wine Show. We’re also busy preparing the 2011 La Famiglia Pinot Grigio and the Sauvignon Blanc for bottling soon. We have some very good 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot still in the barrel. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens come 2012, which is forecast to be another wet year. We have...
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NEDBANK GREEN WINE AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED Reyneke Wines and Paul Cluver were the big winners at the 2011 Nedbank Green Wine Awards. Now in its third year, the awards – held in association with Getaway magazine – recognises wine producers that farm in an environmentally responsible way in two categories; Best Wine from Organically Grown Grapes and Best Environmental Practices Award. Best Wine from Organically Grown Grapes* Eleven producers entered a total of 49 wines into the first category, the aim of which is to promote high-quality wines produced using organically grown grapes. Judged by a panel comprised of...
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2009 Dry Riesling Bronze Medal, 2010 New Zealand International Wine Show 2009 Riesling Bronze Medal, 2010 New Zealand International Wine ShowSilver Medal, 2010 Air New Zealand Wine AwardsSilver Medal, 2011 Royal Easter Wine Show Bronze Medal, New World Wine Awards 20104 stars, Winestate, October 2010  2009 Premo Dry Riesling Bronze Medal, 2010 International Wine Challenge UK  2008 Premo Gewürztraminer **** (4 stars) Michael Cooper’s Wine Buyers Guide 2010  2010 Sauvignon Blanc Bronze Medal, 2011 International Wine Challenge UK       Pinot Noir   2009 Premo Pinot Noir Gold Medal, 2010 New Zealand International Wine ShowBronze Medal, 2010 Air New Zealand Wine Awards Bronze Medal, 2011 International Wine Challenge...
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  ROBERT PARKER POINTS / RUSTENBERG WINES / Source: eRobertParker.com - Aug 2011     2010 Rustenberg Chardonnay |RATING: 88 points | PRODUCER: Rustenberg | FROM: South Africa | VARIETY: Chardonnay | DRINK: 2011– 2015 | ESTIMATED COST: $20 |
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We are thrilled to have been selected by Peter Richards, Chile wine specialist in the UK, as one of the top 15 wineries in the country. Mr. Richards highlighted Alfa Centauri Blend 08 as one of the leading wines in Chile. Alfa Centauri Blend 08 comes from vines that range in age from 60 to 120 years-old from the southern province of Maule. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, obtained four stars and 17.5 points placing it as one of the leading red wines in Chile....
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  SV 2009 Charmain Smith
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Neil Pencock April 2011 - The Sunday Times As SA generic wine marketing rapidly loses credibility and struggles to get a grip, could a rejuvenated Estate Producers Association help? This was one of the many insights offered by Jean Engelbrecht in the Sunday Times yesterday. If dog owners look like their pets, it should come as no surprise to report that wines resemble their brand owners. Jean Engelbrecht is a useful chap to have on your...

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'Ernie Els faced a challenge when he moved into wine production in 1999' Published Date: 03 May 2011 -  Brian Elliott - Scotland on Sunday SINCE not all "celebrity" wines are as impressive as the names they bear, South Africa's golfing legend Ernie Els faced a challenge when he moved into wine production in 1999. Serious drinkers needed to be persuaded that this was much more than a blatant branding or endorsement exercise. The pricing strategy could have proved a major hurdle too. Reflecting the other side of what we see as the good value of South...