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Premium wines require premium grapes. Bremerton Wines has planted 110 acres at Langhorne Creek and is joint owner and manager of another 180 acres from which we select our best fruit each year with the balance being sold to other wineries. Best quality practices ensure best quality grapes.

The predominant varieties grown are Cabernet Sauvignon,Shirazand Merlot, with small plantings of Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Malbec and Petit Verdot. The Vineyard Manager, Tom Keelan is husband of Rebecca Willson, winemaker.


The winemaking team headed by family winemaker Rebecca Willson has taken the quality of our wines to new standards.

Rebecca seeks the best possible fruit from our own and other specialised Langhorne Creek vineyards to craft traditional, full bodied, full flavoured, mouth filling Langhorne Creek wines that show a consistency of style whilst encouraging the true varietal grape characteristics to be expressed.

The winery has invested heavily in a premium French & Amercian oak program using 220 litre barriques to ensure subtle and complementary oak influences. The winery utilises traditional open top fermenters, made from stainless steel and a purpose built barrel cellar for maturation. New laboratory and tasting facilities are part of the winery.

Rebecca Willson, winemaker at Bremerton Estate, talks about her experiences of vintage 2012 on this you-tube clip:  

Video Clip of Rebecca Willson’s Vintage 2012 Vintage update – filmed 28th March 2012-A sample of current photos from Bremerton Vintage 2012      

The Wines


Langhorne Creek is unique in that it sits on the rich soil of theBremerRiverflood plain. Fresh cool evening breezes fromLakeAlexandrinaprovide a micro climate of mild to warm summer days and cool evenings, perfect for the long ripening of the grapes producing intense and sought after cool climate flavours.

Winemaker Rebecca Willson and Marketing Manager, Lucy Willson have focussed the family’s wine range on high quality and individualistic wines. They have givenBremertona strong foothold in the highly competitive wine market with Rebecca’s first label at age 25 – the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon winning a trophy and rated third best Cabernet inAustraliaby Winestate magazine.

Since then the Willson Sisters have takenBremertonto become one of the best known brands fromSouth Australia’s Langhorne Creek wine region.


What’s happening in the Winery – November 2011


Over the last couple of months we have been busy blending up the 2010 Selkirk Shiraz and

2010 Coulthard Cabernet.(Australian release only) These blends are made up of a number of

different parcels ofShirazand Cabernet wine, which have come from various different blocks in the vineyard. The skill in blending these wines is to try and achieve the best wine blend possible while staying true to the style and showing best expression of regional character. 2010 really was an outstanding vintage for reds,

and it definitely shows in our new blends – they have rich vibrant colours and are showing great flavour intensity and delicious texture!

In the winery, the crew are now starting to get into pre-vintage mode. They are sorting empty oak barrels in preparation for refilling with the new vintage wines, are starting their annual big clean of the winery, and generally gearing up for the busy times ahead. The next step is to recruit our team of casual harvest workers, which usually includes a few international ‘characters’ who provide us with insight into the way wines are made all over the world as well as being great assets to our team. Bye for now,

Rebecca Kidd , Winemaker


Environmental News


In September we held a tree planting day for all theBremertonstaff, as Vanessa our enviro guru

Propagated some trees for life seedlings at her house. All trees and shrubs planted were species that are indigenous to our region, and included Drooping Sheoaks, Dry Land Teatree, Scarlett Bottlebrush and Old Man’s Beard. A great day enjoyed by all, not to mention a great chance to give back to our local ecosystem and further build up the natural corridors used by animals in the area, as well as providing us with some good exercise and the opportunity for team bonding!