Looking for a Stockist?

If you arrived at this website to find out where you can buy some of the wines that are listed here, please do contact the office via the Contact Page and we will promptly let you know your closest stockist.

We are thrilled to have been selected by Peter Richards, Chile wine specialist in the UK, as one of the top 15 wineries in the country. Mr. Richards highlighted Alfa Centauri Blend 08 as one of the leading wines in Chile. Alfa Centauri Blend 08 comes from vines that range in age from 60 to 120 years-old from the southern province of Maule. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, obtained four stars and 17.5 points placing it as one of the leading red wines in Chile.

We would like to thank every one of you for your constant support.

José Manuel Ortega