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If you arrived at this website to find out where you can buy some of the wines that are listed here, please do contact the office via the Contact Page and we will promptly let you know your closest stockist.

Mischa Farm has been in the Barns family for three generations, bought by Kelpie Barns in 1947, shortly after his return from active service in the 2nd World War in North Africa and Italy. Unable to settle down to a nine-to-five routine in the city and refusing to take another order from anyone, Kelpie and his wife, ballet dancer Yvonne Blake, decided to go farming! Not the most obvious, or easiest of decisions, but one which they never regretted. Having changed the name of the farm to Mischa, evoking links to Yvonne’s time with Ballet Russe in Paris and in recognition of a family friend and fighter pilot who died in WW2, they established a mixed farming operation. In the late sixties Kelpie started to graft vines on a small scale. Their son, John, further developed the business to what is today one of the Cape’s leading ‘stokkies’ nurseries.

Enter the 3rd generation in the shape of John’s three sons. Andrew, the oldest, took his first tentative steps in winemaking in 1999 to great acclaim and his award-winning wines sold out almost immediately! A new cellar was built in 2000 and extended to make room for a barrel store in 2004. Winemaker Andrew’s stained T-shirt, baggy shorts and disarmingly casual manner belie the fact that this is a young man with a mission to put Mischa Wine Estate “on the map”.