Looking for a Stockist?

If you arrived at this website to find out where you can buy some of the wines that are listed here, please do contact the office via the Contact Page and we will promptly let you know your closest stockist.

Quote taken from the back label: “Slowine is about a way of living life. About taking time… to see rather than look…to savour rather than taste… to caress rather than touch… to absorb rather than smell… to listen rather than hear… on this miraculous planet that we share.” The label depicts a tortoise which symbolizes the principles of the ‘Slow movement’. ‘Time becomes precious – when life rushes by’. 

Slowine is a collaboration between friends from around the Groenland Mountain where the ‘Common Padloper’ or Parrot-beaked Tortoise is found. The partners – Villiersdorp Cellars, Luddite and Beaumont share expertise, grapes and winemaking skills to produce this easy-drinking range of affordable wines.