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Spice Route

From his early winemaking days at the Perdeberg Co-Op, Charles Back, owner of Spice Route, was mindful of ‘how easily quality happens in Swartland’. Based near Malmesbury in the Swartland region north-west of Paarl, Charles Back established Spice Route in 1997 and continues the innovation that he is so well known for. In common with Charles, Charl du Plessis, the winemaker, shows a commitment to excellence in everything he does. There can be few winemakers who fly back to South Africa after a gruelling three days of London Wine Trade Fair, in order to compete in a cycling marathon just one day later!

Spice Route wines are recognized for their exceptionally ripe and deep-flavoured characteristics. Deep red soils sustain unirrigated bush vines with temperatures being moderated by cool Atlantic breezes rolling in from the west overnight. Fruit is sourced from vineyards located in Malmesbury and Darling.