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International Left-Handers Day

International Left-Handers Day

Those creative Left-Handers amongst you will know that it is International Left Handers Day on Friday 13th August – in fact their 30th anniversary! The ever-creative team at Mollydooker (Aussie for Left Hander) have of course come up with a promotional tile and would like everyone who supports these exceptional wines to join them with Social Media posts and images on this day. Instagram: mollydookerwine and Twitter: @MollydookerWine.

There is always something fun happening at Mollydooker, as their motto alludes “We make wines that make people go WOW, through attention to detail and commitment to excellence!”

This is what drives Sarah Marquis to produce a raft of stunning wines, including our featured Mollydooker favourite ‘The Boxer’ Shiraz 2019 

So called, because the very first person to taste this wine judged it to be ‘a knockout’! Did you notice the boxer on the label is a double Mollydooker?
This alluring and unashamedly bold Shiraz is rich with spiced plum, blackberry jam and cherry fruit, whilst finishing with delicious coffee cream, liquorice and vanilla fruit flavours:
15.5% ABV;  Fermented and matured in 100% US Oak 46% new; Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans;  RRP £23.75 – £25.60

….and to add to the fun, Mollydooker, ‘The Boxer’ Shiraz mentioned above will benefit from the Mollydooker ‘shake’. Curious to find out more…