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London Wine Fair registration

London Wine Fair registration

This year, London Wine Fair have decided to charge some people to attend the event. If you, as a Seckford Agencies’ customer, find yourself being charged to attend, please get in touch with the office and we will provide you with a code to ensure you receive free entry.

LWF have explained, ‘The entire wine trade is still welcome to come to LWF.  However, if a potential visitor does not have the right combination of job function and company type they will be asked to pay £60 per day (or £120 for all three days).  The vast majority of our visitors will be unaffected, particularly those with a buying, or an influencing position within the on- or off- trade, MWs and MSs. The reason we have introduced this is because there are some importers that send their sales teams along to the show (often with a suitcase of wines) so that they can do business with buyers in the hall. This is frustrating for the exhibitors who have invested in the Fair, and entirely contrary to the spirit of the event. We are aware that there are many legitimate reasons for visitors to come to the Fair, which is why we have given codes to all exhibitors to give out to any guests that they would like to meet with, who would otherwise have to pay.   

For any individual who is not automatically issued with a free badge, the registration process will ask for a code and if no code is entered, will take them to a payment request – and LWF contact details should they want to get in touch and share their credentials. The flow chart that led us to this process is incredibly complex, with the intention of covering 99% of scenarios. However, when a bona fide visitor who shouldn’t pay has a title such as Sales Director, the system will not know that this is an exception. In this case we would expect them to be issued with a guest code from one of the suppliers who work with them. We feel that this is the most efficient way to deal with this situation, as we are putting the power into your hands in terms of who you want to come to the Fair.

As this is the first year of the new system, we expect there to be questions about certain visitors who have always come in for free and are now being charged. We are always happy to explain our reasoning to anyone who contacts us. We hope that by working with our exhibitors, we can ensure the audience is entirely relevant for all those that invest it its success.’