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The 2018 vintage so far at Bouchard Finlayson

The 2018 vintage so far at Bouchard Finlayson

Well, here we are … slap bang in the middle of the most crucial annual phase of each and every vintage. Vineyard inputs and interventions during the October, November and December quarter will again play a decisive role in determining whether an already established physiological crop-potential is optimally harnessed, to assist in crafting wines of true distinction in 2018. All our efforts at Bouchard Finlayson are currently focused on the nurturing of healthy vineyards that will also express an ever-fickle combination of exceptional quality and well-balanced yield. Our goal: superlative fruit in late January, and beyond … when the time is, literally, ripe for picking-operations to commence.

This quarter is jam packed with a wide range of urgent projects – all vying to be completed on schedule and within a limited window-period of opportunity. Preventative spray-cycles of fungicides, tailored vineyard-nutrition, the supplementing of essential micro-elements, ‘suckering’-operations, canopy-management, young-vine development and weed-control all qualify for priority attention … right now! This is the time of the year when our vineyard-workers have to show their true-mettle … and forge on, regardless; their input is vital … and all-important. But … ‘the best-laid plans of mice-and-men’ still applies!!

If weather-conditions do remain largely favourable during this critical phase, we may only then dare hope that the vintage ahead will fully reflect the commitment demonstrated in the vineyards. The regular, intermittent, periods of thunderstorm-activity during the last couple of weeks – with the accompanying build-up of nitrogen in the air – have stimulated a degree of accelerated vegetative development. However; at this stage all the relevant quality-indicators are in positive territory, and looking very promising. So; holding-thumbs … that both Mother Nature and Lady Luck are in benevolent mood during the months ahead. We need them, in our corner, to ensure a truly great 2018 vintage.

Mortimer Lee, Estate Manager
December 2017