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2018 vintage at Paul Cluver

Paul Cluver’s cellarmaster Andries Burger and his team are still busy in the vineyards with the harvest currently nearing 70% completion. According to Andries:

It has been quite an interesting and unusual vintage, with the harvest starting a week later than in 2017. What is interesting is that the Sauvignon Blanc, which normally ripens slightly later than the Pinot Noir ripened earlier than the Pinot Noir this year. The Pinot Noir ripened slower this season, which has been contributed to the cooler night temperatures we are currently experiencing, compared to last year, [as well as] wind during flowering. Luckily we have sorting tables which allowed us to ensure we do a proper selection to select only perfectly ripe bunches for the fermentation tanks. All the white wines have shown excellent levels of acidity, and the wines thus far have displayed a lot of freshness. The Chardonnays harvested thus far are beautifully concentrated and are just starting the fermentation process. The Riesling grapes were harvested in early March – later than usual – which is due to less rainfall compared to last year. Although we haven’t seen a lot of botrytis development, the grapes are very healthy, we have yet to see what happens.

We are hoping for sufficient quantities of the Noble Late Harvest grapes to produce another Noble Late Harvest Riesling.