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Thorn-Clarke: Spring 2016

Thorn-Clarke: Spring 2016

The new season is well underway, with budburst early September promising a return to a more ‘normal’ season, as we would usually expect here in the Barossa following earlier starts in previous years, and the early harvests that followed.

Season 2016-17 is shaping up to be quite different already to the previous one, most notably rainfall so far has been double that received last year, which will be great for keeping our irrigation requirements down. However, this presents its own challenges especially carrying out machinery operations such as spraying in-between the wet and windy conditions.

Another couple of positives from the wet start are temperatures have been more moderate than the start to last season, and risk from frost damage is less. To date, vine growth has been encouraging, and in coming weeks with the onset of flowering we will get our first indications of how crop levels will shape up for vintage 2017.

Steve Fiebiger, Viticulturist
October 2016