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2009 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Tasting Note:

Alively palate dominated by fresh and clean citrus furits with an enticing mix of passionfruit, gooseberry, mineral tones and herbaceous traces creating complexity. This wine has elegance, texture and persistence with a crisp finish.

Independents Note:

The nose has the freshness of citrus backed by mineral. It is sweeter on the palate more greengage in character with underpinning a mix of tropical fruits. The mix of apple and lime gives a lovely freshness towards the back. Derek Smdley MW 90 points


90% Sauvignon Blanc 10% Semillon

What to eat with:

A great aperatif wine, but perfectly matched with a Scallop, mint and mango salad with a garlic and chilli dressing.




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Picked in the cool of the morning, then carefully fermented using selected yeast strains and controlled temperatures, the wine was promptly bottled to ensure the retention of the pristine characters of each variety.


No medals awarded.