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Made by the winemaking team at Rust en Vrede, proprietor Jean Engelbrecht and winemaker Roelof Lotriet have produced this sophisticated range in homage to the town of Stellenbosch and its rich heritage. The wines’ back labels depict iconic Stellenbosch buildings. The Moederkerk, or Mother Church, is arguably Stellenbosch’s most beautiful church, a clean, white, towering example of neo-Gothic architecture which was completed and consecrated in 1863. Ou Hoofgebou, meaning Old Main Building, was built following a desire to erect a monument in commemoration of the town’s bicentenary in 1879. Part of the University, Ou Hoofgebou marks the importance of education in the town. Meanwhile, Kweekskool, built in 1687, was effectively the start of higher education in Stellenbosch when it was inaugurated as the Theological Seminary in 1859.