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This family owned boutique winery is set right on the banks of the Murray River at Trentham Cliffs just outside Mildura. The Murphy family arrived in Australia in 1909 from Ireland and so are numbered among the Irish ‘Winegeese’ who, from the 18 century onwards, engaged in the wine trade in the countries of their adoption and were instrumental in the viticultural development of some of the finest wine-growing areas of the world. Today the many and illustrious wines and labels of the Winegeese have become synonymous with quality on the international market. The...

Trentham Estate is a family owned boutique winery, set right on the banks of the mighty Murray River at Trentham Cliffs just outside Mildura, New South Wales.  The winemaking philosophy at Trentham Estate has always been to produce high-quality varietal wines with an emphasis on full fruit flavour whilst offering fantastic value for money. Ever since Trentham’s arrival into the UK in the mid-ninties it was clear to see that their wines, produced by the Murphy brothers, Anthony and Pat, were something rather special.  The wines they made offered a quality to value ratio which was frankly, otherworldly.  Trentham heralded...
Wines of South Africa - The Democracy Series

WOSA (Wines of South Africa) have released a selection of video clips to celebrate 20 years of democracy in South Africa 1994 – 2014, highlighting how far the wine industry has come in that time. 

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