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Guardian Peak

Guardian Peak is one of the new generation of South African wineries producing wines that combine traditional body and structure with ‘New World’ exuberance. It is owned by Jean Engelbrecht of Rust en Vrede, and as you would expect with this larger-than-life character, the wines are strong, positive examples of their varietals and location. The aim is to introduce more people to the fascinating lifestyle and culture of wine.

With the opening of the Guardian Peak Restaurant, fine wine, superb food and magnificent panoramic views are assured on any visit to the winery.

Guardian Peak / Englebrecht Els / Rust en Vredeís vineyards are planted on a mixture of broken down granite (coming off the Helderberg) and shale. These soils with their slope and northerly aspect have over the years proven to be wonderful for red grape production. We are relatively sheltered from the harsh winds, and although we got whipped around in Mid November we didnít suffer any permanent damage. Our cultivar and root stock selections on these soils give us the grapes that our wine maker demands for our style. Many small components that can be blended as the seasons dictate to create our distinctive full bodied wines.

The vineyards have been a very busy place since last harvest. Our staff has undergone intensive in-house and institutional training and is now proudly showing off their new found skills we have spent a lot of time on re doing the trellising systems, pruning and shaping them before bud burst. Spring was a little later than normal (not a train smash) and the seaso
Jean Engelbrecht, proprietor and visionary behind the Guardian Peak range of wines, set out to create a range of quality wines to quench the searching palates of the new wine-drinking generation. His vision incorporated cultivating the vineyards on the Engelbrecht-family farms in Namaqualand, and producing flavourful wines that reflect the potential and characteristics of the terroir. This brand is the product of his bold and ambitious personality and the philosophy is based upon his love for adventure and 'The Great Outdoors.'

Nature Friendly

Our property boasts: Wild areas, a natural forest, wetland, an oak orchard, and a river runs through it.

Organic / Biodynamic

We are striving towards sustainable viticulture my implementing appropriate organic and biodynamic principles. We apply the principles of 'Integrated Production of Wine' We are improving the microbial activity in the soil, biodiversity in the vineyard and optimize the vineyard canopy the natural resistance towards disease is increased.

Water Conservation policies

Borehole and agricultural water is used. Water usage is monitored. Supplementary irrigation takes place. Irrigation will be controlled by pressure bom results. All taps in the cellar are equipped with water saver, cleaning by high pressure. No rainwater is saved due to the river running though Rust and Vrede.

Recycling of dry goods

All glass and cartons are recycled. All vineyard and garden cuttings are turned into compost. All household waste are removed by a certified waste management company.

Actions to neutralise carbon footprint

We were the first private Estate with an underground cellar in South Africa. 10% of the property is natural forest and wetland. We have an oak tree orchard with trees varying in age from 1 to 300 years.

Social responsibility

We ensure all children of school going age attend school. We run a creche and have child care facilities for children. We sponsor and encourage R&V Soccer club. We continue ongoing training programs - pruning, forklift, chainsaw, tractor.