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Harvest 2020 at Greystone – interim report

A cold, crisp winter allowed pruning to go through unimpeded compared to some of the wet winters in past years but left the grounds dry for start of the season. A late frost hit some of our lower blocks which decreased yields a small amount but nothing bad. Great flowering this year (especially relevant after last year’s poor one) so we saw nice bunches with good bunch architecture – in particular for the Pinot Noir. A very dry Christmas period saw us go 46 days without rain so the berries have thick skins and intense concentration. Drought broke early enough to avoid fruit splitting and we ended up with some of our best looking fruit ever.

Thankfully the early start to harvest allowed us to complete harvest approximately two hours before the Covid lockdown began (although there is still some Riesling to pick later and we will have to do that by machine). We have eight fermenters outside so it’s looking good to produce our reserves and Vineyard Ferment this year. Crops will be a little lower than peak but much better than last year and quality up there with the best we’ve ever handled and very little disease if any.

Our winemaking team is operating in isolation at the winery with food being delivered to them – which at least gives our cellar door chefs something to keep them entertained right now!

Greystone, March 2020